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About Us

Producing the finest quality cannabis anywhere

Perfected. Potent. Exclusive.

Our state-of-the-art facility and our intense attention to the smallest details means your expectations of superior quality will be satisfied with every strain, every time. Our only focus is to grow premium flower which is dried and cured to perfection to achieve a memorable smoking experience.

“So much bud was half-baked, until I found OZ. Exceptional is the word. Open the jar, and WOW. That’s what I’ve been looking for!!!”
– Denise C

Truly Unique

Open our container and experience the delight of aromatic flower bursting with terpenes. You know it is fresh and it is pure. Because our facility is new, we designed ultra-clean environments with no pesticides and use the purest nutrients to allow each plant to express its full potential. You can taste the difference.

New, purpose-built cultivation facility utilizing ultra-clean environments

Aeroponic cultivation, 1000 watt LED lighting, controlled humidity and temperature

Careful harvest then careful drying to achieve optimal bud texture protecting every trichrome bursting with resin

Curing to achieve perfection in terpenes. Slow, patient, exacting.